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Dreaming of Paradise?


Fall Color Landscape

Photography Workshop

Friday September 29 -

Monday October 2, 2023

Imagine three days and three nights in the most beautiful area of the Rocky Mountains, in and around Telluride, Colorado, during the amazing peak of the colorful golden display of autumn leaves. 


You'll be surrounded by endless vistas, jagged peaks, pristine lakes, and cascading waterfalls. You never know when the wildlife will appear at any moment from the colorful aspens rustling in the breeze. And when night falls, the sky is ablaze with stars, far from the city lights!

Now imagine a private small group tour of all the best photography spots, and one-on-one instruction on how to best use your camera to capture the beauty all around you.

Best of all, you'll be in a small group of only 8 or fewer participants, so we will be able to customize the experience based on what each person want to learn, and we can be flexible to go with changing light and scenery.

Designed for the 

Nature Photographer

and Outdoor Enthusiast

With such a small group of only 3-8 participants, we'll drive in one or two SUV vehicles caravan style to each sunrise and sunset location, through winding mountain roads and valleys bursting with color.  I have extensive knowledge of the area and will bring you into my favorite remote areas of the beautiful San Juan Mountains that inspire awe and spark creativity.  You will receive real-time in-camera photo reviews to aid in setting adjustments in the field to create the images you've always dreamed of.


No matter your skill level, beginner through advanced photographers will be challenged by the vast variety of landscapes, colors, water features, and animals we will see.  Mountain weather patterns and clouds often add to the drama of the scene, and we will also have time to attempt night time star photography, with the rugged peaks as our backdrop.



What's Included?

This workshop includes a guided tour through 3 days and nights of shooting sunrise and sunset and possibly the night sky in the San Juan Mountains, as we work on photography concepts and techniques — focusing on light, composition, fall color, shadows, reflections, mountain vistas and much more. 

You don't have to worry about mountain driving...just sit back and enjoy the views! Once the workshop begins, you will be driven to each varied and exciting location, specifically chosen for the best light, time of day, and best color display.

I will always be with the group providing one-on-one instruction, advice, and real time critique as the light changes. By keeping the group small, we can react quickly to changing conditions and scout interesting locations.

What's Not Included?

Lodging, food, drinks, snacks, and transportation to and from the workshop are not included, and are your responsibility. If you have any questions about the trip planning email us.

We will be staying in the gorgeous mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, and will set out from there daily for both early morning and late afternoon photo shoots. 

** Special COVID-19 restrictions may be in place for 2022, depending on local and state guidelines at the time of the workshop, which may require you to wear a mask whenever we are in an enclosed building, or if riding in automobiles with other workshop attendees outside of your own household, depending on local COVID-19 mandates. When outside, we will follow safe practices of staying at least 6 feet apart while the pandemic persists. If you have been vaccinated and have no symptoms of illness, you can ride in the SUV with Melissa and the group, or if not, you may follow the lead vehicle in your vehicle.

Additional Teaching

Aspens Upward - Melissa Lipton Photograp

Composition and 


Dallas Divide - Melissa Lipton Photograp

Live Image

Editing Sessions

Sea of Leaves  - Melissa Lipton Photogra

Photo Critiques


Reserve Your Spot Today!

If workshop is full, or you want to have a larger group workshop or want a solo private lesson, contact me directly.


A waiting list for spots is available in case there is a cancellation.


Email me with any questions!


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