Workshops and Tours in Crested Butte, Colorado 

July 2019

Join me for one of the most beautiful 3 full-day photography experiences ever in Crested Butte, the Wildflower Capital of Colorado.


Gorgeous mountain peaks and rolling hills covered with wildflowers surround the historic small town of Crested Butte. You will be dazzled by up to 50+ species of wildflowers, including Lupines, Glacier Lilies, Indian Paintbrushes, Columbines, Sunflowers, and many more. And, due to heavy snowpack this year, it may be a banner year for blooms!


However, the flowers are not all we will be photographing. This workshop will include a whole range of landscape photography techniques, from beginner to advanced, to capture some of the best images you have ever taken.


The workshop will include three sunsets and three sunrises plus night shooting one evening, weather-permitting!  You will journey in an off-road SUV down the many dirt roads that wind through the valleys in search of spectacular images.  We may encounter some wildlife, too, for even more variety. 


These are long days, and you can expect to be tired, but you will leave with some of the best photos you have ever made and a lot more photographic knowledge, as well as the experience of being in the middle of the glorious wild in a safe and structured setting.

Due to the small group size, there will be lots of one-on-one teaching, as well as focused computer-based lessons, and even a personalized critique session. 

Dates Available:

Workshop 1:

Begins 3:00 PM Tuesday July 9, 2019 and ends 10:00 AM on Friday July 12.

Workshop 2:

Begins 3:00 PM Saturday July 13, 2019 and ends 10:00 AM on Tuesday July 16.

Workshop 3:

Begins 3:00 PM Wednesday July 17, 2019 and ends 10:00 AM on Saturday July 20.

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Tentative Daily Schedule:

Afternoon and evening Day 1:

We will meet up in Mount Crested Butte at the Three Seasons Condominium common area for a meet-and-greet around 3:00 PM for introductions. Then we will have a short intro talk about composition and light. We will have an optional early dinner at a local restaurant before we head out to shoot sunset. Then get some good rest, as we will be up early.
Days 2 and 3:
Eat an early breakfast on your own, as we will set out before sunrise to capture the best lighting, as the sun rises over the mountains and wildflowers. We will be out until at least 10 AM exploring the area for photographic opportunities during the best light. We will return to the condo by 11 AM during the midday for a talk about a photographic subject of interest or a live editing session. Then lunch, the mid afternoon hours, and an early dinner will be on your own. We will regroup by 4:30 PM to head out for more exploring and to capture the evening light. Weather-permitting, we may stay out to photograph the stars for a few hours after dusk. Rest up, as we will be up before sunrise again tomorrow.

Morning Day 4:

On our final morning together, we will once more head out early to shoot the sunrise. We will end with a critique and feedback session that will go over 10-15 of your favorite images, either from this trip or prior images, and give you new ideas on how to improve. We will finish up around 10 AM.

*Schedules are subject to change depending on weather and lighting conditions as well as safety of its participants and hosts.

These 3 full-day July 2019 workshops are offered at a special reduced price of only $900 for this summer only.
A nonrefundable deposit of $300 is due at the time of reserving a spot. 
You will receive an email approximately 70 days prior to the start of your workshop with a link to pay the remaining $600 balance.  The full balance is due 60 days prior to the workshop date and is nonrefundable after that time.  
Repeat customers at our workshops may have discounts available, so please email us.
Terms and Conditions
If we do not receive your full balance by 60 days prior to the start of the workshop, we reserve the right to cancel your workshop and/or fill your spot off of a wait list. In the event of such a cancellation, no refunds will be provided. 

No refunds will be given for delays or cancellations due to inclement weather, flights, or other events beyond our control, either before, during, or after your workshop. We are not responsible for any additional costs you may incur due to delays or cancellations.


All workshop schedules and plans are subject to change at our discretion depending upon weather, health and safety considerations, or any other factor related or unrelated to photographic opportunities as we see fit. Full refunds of all monies paid will be made if a workshop is canceled by us or if the workshop is rescheduled and you are unable to attend on the new date. Melissa Lipton Photography is not responsible for any other costs which participants may have incurred, including but not limited to travel, car rental, lodging, insurance, photographic purchases and/or rentals.

You will receive a confirmation email within the first 48 hours after booking your workshop reservation and paying the deposit. This email will contain forms to sign acknowledging you have read and agree to these terms, as well as understand and accept any risks involved with the workshops, which my be returned by 60 days prior to the workshop start date.

Experience Level

Both beginners & experienced photographers will benefit from this workshop. I will work closely with you to address strengths and weaknesses. All can expect to be challenged.

Group Size

I prefer to keep workshops small, ensuring that each person will have lots of one-on-one instruction. Each workshop is limited to 4 people, as we will all be driving together in an SUV to our photo locations. However, if you have a larger group, I can accommodate up to 8 participants, providing that at least one of the people in the party has a high-clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle for transporting the other 4 people.
Lodging, Transportation, and Meals
You are responsible for your own lodging and meals while in the Crested Butte area. Transportation to and from the town of Crested Butte is also your responsibility. However, transportation during the workshop to and from the shooting locations is provided each day and included in your low workshop price. Our home base for the computer-based talks and editing sessions will be the Three Seasons Condominiums at 701 Gothic Rd, Mount Crested Butte, CO 81225, right across the street from the large public outdoor parking area. Choosing a condo or hotel in Mount Crested Butte would be ideal, as most are within walking distance or a short drive. There is also a free shuttle bus through the town which goes back and forth to Crested Butte for meals or shopping, etc.


You DO NOT need expensive gear to create excellent images. Great gear does make a difference in terms of technical quality, and durability, but creating a powerful, creative image is all about the photographer and the light. While I do recommend shooting with the best gear you can afford, keep in mind that the gear is not the most important factor.


  • Camera: (preferably a DSLR or a mirrorless with the ability to shoot raw and change lenses)

  • **Bring your Camera Manual**:  While we have used and are knowledgeable about a wide variety of cameras from various manufacturers we don't pretend to know how to access the many functions of your camera, so having your manual with you is very important. 

  • Lenses: My ideal setup for full frame is a 16-35mm, 50mm, 70-200 or 300mm. If you own a 24-70 or equivalent that is fine. As long as you have something fairly wide and a telephoto. For DX or APS-C crop sensor users, any combination of lenses that gets you from at least 18mm to 200mm will work fine. Preferably from 10mm to 200mm but if you don’t already own a wide angle don’t stress.

  • Other: A sturdy outdoor tripod is a must! Also, plenty of digital memory, extra batteries & battery charger, lens cleaning cloth, camera bag that allows you to easily get to your gear. You may want to consider bringing a back up camera as well.

  • Filters: A circular polarizer is very useful in landscape and flower photography. Graduated neutral density filters are often useful in landscape photography. There can also be situations where a mulit-stop neutral density or variable ND (variable neutral density) can be very useful.

  • A camera cover is optional, but may be helpful if rain is in the forecast


To get the most from your photo tour you should have a good working knowledge of your own camera, its lenses, accessories, and your tripod.

OUTDOOR GEAR, Clothing, and Personal Items:

We will be in the field at different times of day and in various types of weather. 


It is important to bring the right kind of clothing to remain comfortable. Creativity, mental focus and productivity are greatly affected by physical comfort.

Weather in the Colorado mountains can change several times during the day. Be prepared.

We will shoot rain or shine. A rain jacket and a small travel umbrella is highly recommended.


For optimum comfort, it is best to dress in layers, which enable quick adaptation to varying weather conditions. A base layer (next to skin) should be made of moisture-wicking material. Staying dry is the most essential step in maintaining comfort. Avoid cotton.  Include an insulating layer, such as fleece.

Have adequate rain gear, preferably a breathable kind such as Gore-Tex to keep you dry and windproof. Hoods are great. Rain pants will keep you dry when kneeling or sitting in wet foliage.

Footwear should be sturdy and comfortable. Hiking boots or trail shoes will work fine and waterproof ones will be appreciated in meadows that are wet with morning dew or rain.

Bring hiking shorts for hot days and long pants for cool evenings and mornings. Consider the convertible pants that have zip-off legs, and gaiters and/or waterproof boots.


  • Sunscreen

  • Thin gloves

  • Cap or hat with visor

  • Sunglasses

  • Small flashlight or compact headlamp; have a red light or a red gel to cover the light for night shooting

  • Bug repellant

  • Lip balm

  • Any medications you need, including ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin, etc.

  • Refillable water bottle

  • First aid kit

  • Mole skin or similar blister prevention



Please bring a laptop computer with a card reader for the classroom portion of the workshop. It would be best to have Adobe Lightroom software installed. We will also spend a small amount of time with Adobe Photoshop if you want to have this installed as well to follow along. I also occasionally use the Nik Collection software plugin package as well which has some neat premade filters you can modify.


I have the Adobe Creative Cloud with the Lightroom/Photoshop package for $9.99 a month.


If you prefer to take written notes, it is a good idea to bring along pen and paper.


We will be critiquing images taken prior to or during the workshop, so prepare to bring of 10-15 of your favorite images you would like feedback on. 

Fitness Level 

All age levels are welcome on this photography workshop. We will drive to each location then walk to the best position for sunrise, sunset, or night shoot. Some light to moderate hiking carrying your equipment may be required.
The type of terrain we will experience is variable, with the possibility of loose dirt and rocks, wet surfaces, steep hills, and uneven terrain. You should be able to maneuver through brush, trees, mud, and thigh-high grasses and wildflowers without difficulty. We also will visit several streams and lakes, so wet and slippery conditions may exist.


If you are coming to the mountains from a significantly lower altitude, be sure to consider the potential affects of altitude on your body and to take some simple steps to remain comfortable and avoid  altitude sickness. Although most people may only experience some shortness of breath with a little exertion, others are more prone to headaches and sleep disruptions, fatigue, nausea and decreased appetite. You will also notice the very dry climate.

Here are some tips:

  • Try to arrive 24 hours ahead of your workshop to acclimate

  • Drink extra water and fluids a few days before and during your entire stay. Staying well hydrated in the dry mountain environment is very important to offset the effects of altitude. Drink a lot of water, but do it slowly.

  • Avoid over-exertion and get as much rest as possible.

  • Eat lightly.

  • Limit alcoholic beverages.

  • Ask for a humidifier in your hotel room.  

Assumption of Risks
You will receive a confirmation email within the first 48 hours after booking your workshop reservation and paying the deposit. This email will contain a form to sign acknowledging you have read and agree to the terms, as well as understand and accept any and all risks involved with the workshops. Though Melissa Lipton Photography will take steps to ensure the safety of all members of the workshop, certain risks are inherent in each activity and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of the activity.  These waivers must be signed and returned before participating in the workshop.

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